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Marketing Jobs >> Marketing Articles >> Marketing Career Feature >> High Paying Marketing Jobs
  • Marketing Career Feature

High Paying Marketing Jobs

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Marketing jobs are a very lucrative career choice for the career minded individual looking for a high paying job. When vying for a position in marketing there may be some competition because everyone wants one of these positions. The high earnings, ability to move up to higher ranking positions, and the excitement of the career make this one of the top job choices.

High Paying Marketing Jobs
Sales and marketing jobs may require the holder of this position to travel.
Types of Marketing Jobs

Marketing consultant jobs may include the market research managers and product development managers. The development of the company’s marketing strategy will be paramount to the person seeking this type of career. They must estimate what the demand for a product is and what potential sales markets will be interested in this product. Working with advertising and promotions managers they find the best way to promote the company’s product/products and to make it attractive to potential buyers.

Event marketing jobs will include the planning and implementation of promotional events on a regular basis. Holiday events, activities within the community, and promotional days for the company will be a few of the responsibilities of the event marketing jobs. If the company is large or small the public image they project is extremely important to their image in the community. Often the events they plan are for the public to see exactly what the company is all about and be made aware of their role in the community.

Sales and marketing jobs may require the holder of this position to travel. The meetings which are sponsored by industries involved in this type of business may be a requirement of the job, not an option. They may travel nationally, regionally, or locally. Sales and marketing is an extremely important part of the company for which you work. This is a position that must be handled correctly or the company could actually lose millions of dollars. This is especially true if the company for which you work is a national company or global company.

Fashion marketing jobs are another example of the high paying marketing jobs that will be available for you to decide on when making your career choice. This marketing job will require the employee to promote the fashions that are being produced by the company for which they work. Generating interest in the many new styles that come out and setting trends is part of the job. Many companies combine the fashion merchandising, fashion, marketing, and fashion buying all into one job because they do not have the resources to hire a different person for each job.

Advertising marketing is another of the many job titles that fall under the high paying marketing jobs. This is also an extremely important position to the company. If there were no advertising there would not be the high interest that is shown for the company’s product. The information must be put out and dressed up to make the public or retail associations aware of the company and their merchandise.

When working in the marketing field, most of your work will be done in the office environment. However, certain parts of the marketing field may require travel a large amount of the time. Job transfers are another of the benefits of marketing because often there will be openings in the regional offices for those who have a good general knowledge of the company.


The education that is required for marketing jobs will depend upon the position you are thinking of training for and the company if you have one in mind. The typical employer will want either a bachelor’s degree or a master’s. The course work should include:
  • Business law
  • Management
  • Economics
  • Accounting
  • Finance
  • Mathematics
  • Communication
In addition to the skills and education listed above the successful candidate for the job will also have to take course in:
  • Advertising
  • Business administration
  • Public affairs
  • Public speaking
  • Political science
  • Creative and technical writing
Many of the high paying marketing jobs are filled with people who already work for the company and have take the incentive to work their way up the ladder of success. They may have taken advantage of a company paid education plan and were placed in an internship within the company. Or they may have taken the classes themselves and applied for the position when it became available. Often company’s that do not offer the courses themselves will pay tuition reimbursement for their employees.

Other qualifications a company may be looking for can be a familiarity with word processing applications since computers are a very important tool when it comes to marketing. The ability to speak more than one language does not hurt your chances for obtaining one of these positions either. If you are looking for a position in marketing, you should have great powers of persuasion when it comes to speaking and communicating orally. This will include within the company and outside of the company.

The successful marketing job, no matter what part of the company it is for will often lead to top executive advancement. Another consideration is the experience and knowledge could allow them to open their own business. There were about 583,000 marketing jobs as of 2006. Almost every type of company has a marketing job in one form or another.

This job is expected to increase at about average but there will be a lot of competition for the top paying jobs. The expected increase is to be about 12% between now and 2016. This is the average growth rate for many other types of business. The salaries ranged form just under $100,000 for marketing managers. The amount paid for these high paying marketing jobs will depend upon location, the type of job, the experience level, and education levels.

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