The Job Requirements of an SEO Copywriter

Careers in SEO are being increasingly sought out these days. SEO copywriting is a very important component of any SEO activity. Awareness of SEO copywriting has increased these days. There is a ton of content out there including conversations, posts and articles, which deal with SEO topics like keyword density, allowable limits, over optimization etc. Search engine copywriting is all about getting searched in search engines.

Students who want to make a career in SEO copywriting need to understand it in detail. Writing from the SEO perspective includes writing promotional copy designed to cause a specific action. Your target audience becomes a priority, and the elements designed to help the copy rank well becomes last priority. Because of an overuse of SEO copywriting and a misunderstanding of SEO, this technique of ranking well on search engines is getting a bad reputation because people tend to repeat content over and over. Many times users keep on adding pages on sites, in order to get the site a high rank for certain key terms.

The job of an SEO copywriter is to write content for the visitor uniquely and purposefully. It is not written keeping the engines in mind; neither mirrored, nor adjusted or altered to create new pages by simply changing key phrases; nor stiff, forced or make it too repetitive. When writing SEO copy, one needs to keep target audience in mind and choose the focus of the page accordingly. An SEO copywriter needs to create a plan outlining the message one wants to convey and incorporate appropriate key phrases in the copy.

The job responsibility of an SEO copywriter is to ensure that when writing SEO copy one should NOT:
  • create a plan based solely on high ranking;
  • replace every instance of a generic term (car) with a key phrase (red, convertible car);
  • add pages of copy simply to get caught through the search engines;
  • rely on unnecessary and irrelevant keyword density ratios and formulas;
  • shove key phrases in everywhere possible.
SEO copywriting is not just the process of writing to appear in search engines but is the process of writing copy to attack visitors, while including elements to help the search engines and its visitors understand what the page is all about. This is something that everyone looking to make a career in SEO copywriting should first understand.
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